Funding Disclosure

The initial development of eWallet was partially funded by the Dash Treasury via a proposal our team posted in February 2018. We identified several of the issues we seek the solve in the UK, with a focus on making a better user experience for purchasing cryptocurrency. We received fantastic support from members of the Dash governance board as well as from the wider crypto community. Our ethos of transparency and the effort we put into solving real world problems facing adoption saw our proposal receive approval quickly and we were then funded over the following months to build out the platform.

What does this mean?

Right from the beginning we built eWallet to be transparent, transparent in fees, transparent in communication and transparent in disclosure. Whilst we have received funding from the Dash treasury we remain unbiased and neutral in all aspects of cryptocurrency. We believe Dash is a fantastic cryptocurrency with a great featured set but that view is independent of the funding provided to us. We are not bound to Dash in terms of equity or shareholder rights and that means as a company we are not obligated to serve their needs above others. We communicate regularly with the Dash core team as well as the wider Dash community to help improve our offering but we’ll always be transparent about this.