Dash Key Features

Find out what differentiates Dash from other cryptocurrencies.


InstantSend is designed to allow for near instantaneous Dash transactions in situations where immediate payment is required. Payment is both instantly locked and completely irreversible. This allows merchants to be absolutely confident that they have received payment for goods before dispensing them.


PrivateSend makes it possible to completely obscure the origin of funds for a transaction behind the scenes without any more effort than checking a box. This is all powered behind the scenes by the Masternode network and whilst it’s unlikely you’ll need it very often, it’s there when you do.

Decentralised Autonomous Oganisation

The Dash DAO governs decision making and funding allocation to improve Dash itself, operating as a form of ‘Money-as-a-Service’. 10% of the Dash block reward gets allocated towards the Dash Treasury, a fund to support projects that benefit the Dash ecosystem. In the past this has consisted of software development, marketing and goodwill projects.