Dash Treasury

The Dash treasury allows funding of various projects to advance Dash

What is the Dash Treasury?

The Dash Treasury is a cache of funds used to fund projects which benefit Dash, it is controlled by the Dash masternode owners in a Decentralised Anonymous Organisation (DAO) and has funded project across the globe.

With Dash the mining rewards are split 3 ways: 45% to the miners, 45% to the masternodes and the remaining 10% goes to the Dash treasury. At the time of writing the Dash treasury receives approximately 6200 Dash per month, however, this figure will vary.

Each month various proposals are put forward to the Dash MNOs who will vote on whether or not they wish to fund the project. At the end of the month any funds that have not been allocated to a proposal are burnt (destroyed).

This system is also known as the DAO or Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.


To submit a proposal costs 5 Dash which is burnt and is unrecoverable. This cuts down on “spam” and worthless proposals and encourages proposal owners to vet their proposals thoroughly and reach out to the community for feedback via pre-proposals on the Dash forum.

Each proposal is voted on by the MNOs who have the option to vote either Yes or No or to abstain from voting.  A proposal will be funded if it receives 10% of the total number of masternodes more Yes than No votes.

That is to say that if there are 5000 masternodes a proposal must have 500 more Yes than No votes to be funded.

Notable proposals

There have been many notable proposals funded across the globe and Dash has had an influence in every continent on the planet.

Exactly what is funded via the Dash treasury varies from month to month, but some notable examples are the Dash Core team who work on developing Dash and exhibiting across the globe, Amanda Johnson who has created huge amounts of videos and content explaining how Dash functions and (most importantly of course) our site!