eWallet was established in Febuary 2018 by Richard Francis, Alex Cox and Ashley Francis. As outlined in our funding disclosure our development was funded by the Dash Treasury, however, we operate as a fully independent business.

Our aims

As a business we have 2 core aims. Firstly we aim to be a place where people can safely and securely buy and sell Dash in the UK at a reasonable price. We will always be fully transparent with our fees and intend to be as open with our customers as we are able to be.  We are also fully compliant with UK regulations and in the future intend to remain so.

Additionally we aim to be a place where someone with absolutely no knowledge of cryptocurrencies can visit and learn about the basics in an unbiased and fair manner. With articles covering all aspects of cryptocurrency being added to our Learning Centre and About Dash sections regularly we intend for these to be places where you could learn all about cryptocurrencies or that you could refer someone interested in cryptocurrencies to.

Why choose eWallet?

Our intention is for eWallet to be the simplest and safest place for you to buy Dash in the UK whilst also being competitively priced. Our systems are designed to be as secure as possible and we have a dedicated team ensuring that all of our customers adhere to our compliance rules in order to ensure the safety of our entire business.  For more information on the regulation that we follow please take a look at our Compliance page.